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Should The Floor Be Dark Or Light?

Mar. 25, 2019


Here is Hard Durability Spc Vinyl Flooring talking about Should the floor be dark or light. 

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New home renovation, the floor is a detail that is easily overlooked. When the home is being renovated, you may be entangled in choosing tiles or wooden floors, but almost no one has considered whether the floor is dark or light. Many people choose purely based on their own preferences or their own misperceptions. Many people have made a mistake, no wonder it seems to be "downgrade."

High Abrasion Spc Vinyl Flooring

1. Practicality

What kind of floor to choose depends on your actual situation, not to say which floor is better than the other. For example, solid wood flooring is the most orderly and most environmentally friendly, but it costs a lot and takes time. For some families with a limited budget and no time, tiles are more practical. For some families with pregnant women and old people at home, smooth tiles are easy to slip, considering the more slip resistant floor. For example, Anti-slip Vinyl Flooring.

2. Dirt resistance

In addition to practicality, the choice of the floor should also consider a very important factor, that is, resistance to dirt. I used to have a friend who was clean and bright when the house was just renovated. It was very beautiful. However, after living for a month, the floor was dirty, and the tow was not cleaned. The house looked "disappeared." Many people think that dark floors are more resistant to dirt than light-colored floors, but they are not necessarily. Like dust, the color is actually grayish white. Compared with the dark floor, the light-colored floor is more resistant to dirt. In the place like the bathroom, the hair is more, the dark floor is more resistant to dirt, so it still has to Look at the actual situation.

3. Harmony

In addition to practicality and dirt resistance, home improvement should also consider the harmony of overall color and style. For example, the retro style of the furniture decoration, the overall style is mostly deep and heavy, if you choose a light-colored floor, it is easy to appear frivolous, can not stand. And some fashion personality decoration, such as the now popular nordic style decoration, the overall style is a light color, if you use the dark floor, you will feel very unharmonious.

After selecting the right floor according to your actual situation, you should pay attention to the cleaning work behind. When many families just renovated, they looked very tall, but because they didn't do the cleaning work, they looked very messy and very dirty, which was very downgraded. When mopping the floor, you can add some salt and toilet water to the water to eliminate bacteria and disinfection, and to remove odor.

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