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How To Clean The Floor

Mar. 26, 2019


Here is Shower Room Spc Vinyl Floor Manufacturer talking about How To Clean The Floor. 

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As a person who loves cleanliness, I think it is a very happy thing to clean the house. But even people who like labor like me are very resistant to the problem of mopping the house because it is not like cleaning in other places. You can see the effect directly after you finish it. At least it can give me visual and heart. The last kind of comfort, but the mopping is different, even if you are exhausted and exhausted today, it will be dirty immediately tomorrow.

Usually, we drag the ground with water, so it doesn't make sense. First of all, the water does not remove the stains on the floor. Even if you take off the soil, the stain will remain there. After the floor is dry, it will still be dirty. Secondly, clean water does not have the ability to absorb dust. You use water to mop the floor. In fact, it is to wet the dust with water, make the dust become heavy, stick to the floor, water, dry, what kind of dust on the floor? It’s not dirty! Therefore, when we are mopping the floor, we must think of two things, that is, remove the stains on the floor and remove the dust on the floor.

If you want to remove the stains on the floor, you must use the detergent, because most of the floor is the oil left by us when we eat or snack, and the oil that is secreted from the body, so we can use detergent. Good to remove stubborn stains from the floor. When we mopped the floor, first use a bucket of half a bucket of water, then pour some detergent into it, use a mop to stir it inside and then take it to the ground. There are obvious stains on the friend's floor, you can focus on dragging it. . This basically guarantees that the floor will be cleaned at one time!

After washing the floor with detergent, the detergent foam will remain on the floor, so it will be very slippery. If there are children or old people in the family, please remind them not to walk around the house for a while, otherwise it will be a big deal when the soles of the feet slip and fall down! In order to solve the detergent foam that we left on the floor, we also need to “rinse” the floor again, and with the opportunity to rinse the floor, we can add something to the water and put it on the floor. The dust is also solved together! The things we need to add this time are baking soda, toilet water and salt. As we all know, baking soda is a kind of material with strong cleaning ability. After adding it, the cleanliness of the floor can be icing on the cake, and it can also absorb the dust on the floor. After the floor is completely dry, it is still clean and ashless. . The dew water, in addition to its own ability to sterilize, and the fragrance contained in the toilet water can provide a protective film for the floor, so that the subsequent dust is difficult to adhere to the floor, to ensure that the floor is clean!

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