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How To Maintain The Floor Of Different Materials?

Jun. 12, 2019


Here is China Vinyl Plank Flooring Supplier talking about How to maintain the floor of different materials.

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China Vinyl Plank Flooring Supplier

The method of maintenance will vary depending on the material of the floor.

When laying solid wood flooring, pay attention to keep the ground dry. If the room and the ground are not effectively treated with moisture, it will affect its life. If it is wet or soaked with alkaline water or soapy water, it will destroy the light of the paint. brightness.

In summer, you should pay attention to the curtains. The solid wood floor will appear discolored and cracked after being exposed to sunlight. The temperature of the air conditioner is too low, and the temperature is too large during the day and night. It is also likely to cause the floor to expand or contract too much and cause deformation and cracking of the floor.

The maintenance of parquet is simpler than solid wood flooring. Keep the floor dry and clean, mop the floor without dripping the mop, and effectively protect the floor without rubbing with alkaline water or soapy water.

Do not rinse the laminate flooring with plenty of water, taking care to avoid long-term flooding of the floor. In addition, laminate flooring does not require painting and waxing. Unlike solid wood flooring, it should not be sanded and polished.