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Bathroom Renovation Precautions

Jun. 15, 2019


Here is an Abrasion Resistant Vinyl Flooring Factory talking about Bathroom renovation precautions.

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Nowadays, the decoration is not only the living room but also the hidden space of daily life such as the bathroom and the kitchen. What should I pay attention to when decorating the bathroom? How to choose the bathroom products for the bathroom decoration.

Abrasion Resistant Vinyl Flooring Factory

How to choose a bathroom cabinet?

First, look at the brand, try to choose a brand with high reputation and good reputation; second look at the material, the bathroom cabinet is generally more expensive, but the grade is higher, PVC is better, but it is easy to fade, while stainless steel is cheap, but the style is single. You can choose according to your own needs. Third, look at the craft, no matter which material the bathroom cabinet, must have a better waterproof and anti-corrosion process, including some small hardware, should pay attention.

How to choose a toilet?

First, pay attention to see if the size of the toilet meets the size of the toilet in the home; You can bring a table tennis ball in advance and put it in the test toilet to see if it can be washed away. If it can be completed, the impulse can reach the standard. Then on this basis, compare whether to save water; third, to see if the water valve is closed, and whether the button has a burr resistance.