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Improper Installation Of The Spc Vinyl Floor Affects The Life

Mar. 29, 2019


Some owners complain that the quality of the Environmental Friendly Spc Vinyl Floor is not good, and after statistics, they found out. 80% of the floor is due to the short life caused by improper installation, then what is wrong with the floor?

We No Heavy Metal Spc Vinyl Flooring manufacturer will share it with you today.

Environmental Friendly Spc Vinyl Floor

Wrong situation 1: 

The Abrasion Resistant Vinyl Flooring is not paved. The uneven floor will cause the floor and keel to hang. When the pedal is stepped, it will make a sound, which will cause deformation of the keel for a long time.

Wrong situation 2: 

The keel has not been dried, the moisture content of the untreated keel is about 25%, and the normal qualified floor moisture content is about 12%. The humidity is too large, which will cause the floor to absorb moisture and cause the floor to be tilted. 

Wrong situation 3: 

The floor bottle is a too compact or too slack, especially solid wood floor. Because the raw material is solid wood, there will be thermal expansion and contraction. If the floor is too loose or too tight, it will cause the floor to crack.

Wrong situation 4: 

Fixing method by using wooden wedges and nails: The fixing method of using wooden wedges and nails during construction will cause the nail holding force to be too small due to the small contact surface between the wooden wedge and the nail, which is easy to cause The wooden keel is loose and there will be a sound when the floor is stepped on.