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Why Do You Have To Choose Wooden Floor For Floor Heating?

May. 20, 2019


Here is Basement 3.2mm Spc Vinyl Flooring manufacturer talking about Why do you have to choose a wooden floor for floor heating.

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Badroom 3.2mm Spc Vinyl Flooring

When the floor meets the floor heating, "what kind of flooring is more stable and environmentally friendly" or "what kind of flooring is suitable for the warm environment" has long been a hot topic of concern to the industry, and it is also a choice problem that plagues the majority of floor heating users. Then, in daily life, people often use the floor tiles, composite flooring, floor heating solid wood flooring, which one is more suitable for the warm environment? Before the answer is revealed, let us first take a look at their respective product features.

Hard stone represented by floor tiles

Hard stone represented by floor tiles, hard texture, pressure and wear resistance, its rich texture color, texture can be applied to different home styles of the living room environment and can play a very good decorative effect. In addition, in the view of traditional users, the high thermal conductivity of the floor tiles is easy to take care of, so the floor tiles have always occupied a place in the floor heating floor market.

However, the floor tiles are used in the floor heating environment, and there are many problems in terms of comfort and stability. Because the floor tiles are generally dry powder laying method, in the environment with a large temperature change of floor heating, the floor tiles themselves are relatively loose dry mortar layer structure, which may be used for 3-5 years, which may cause the tiles to warp, loose and rise. arch. Secondly, when the floor is warm when the bare feet are walking on the floor tiles, the feet feel cold and not conducive to good health.

Composite flooring represented by solid wood composite and reinforcement

Flooring is a relatively common type of flooring, including a variety of solid wood flooring, parquet, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring and so on. At present, in the terminal market, in addition to floor heating solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, and laminate flooring are also the first floor that has been used in the floor heating environment and has been used by many people.

In people's traditional impression, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring (both are composite products) have better stability and are not easily deformed under the floor heating environment. In fact, since both of their internal structures need to be glued with an adhesive, they are not good in environmental protection and durability. In the long-term high-temperature environment, there is not only the problem of excessive formaldehyde emission, but also the rubber layer will accelerate aging, resulting in the phenomenon of layered drumming. Once these deformation problems occur, they cannot repair themselves and cannot be repaired, which seriously affects them. User experience and product durability.