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3 Tips Tell You What Kind Of Floor Is Suitable For Floor Heating

May. 24, 2019


As an Oem Spc Vinyl Floor Manufacturer, we will discuss 3 tips tell you what kind of floor is suitable for floor heating.

Based on the impact of renovation costs, temperature, humidity, and other factors, many owners will choose to start planning and renovation at the turn of spring and summer. At the same time, in the end, the market, consumers are now keen to choose the floor heating for the needs of comfortable homes. Therefore, it is a hot topic for consumers to choose what floor to choose under the floor heating environment.

First, the comparison of environmental protection

The structure determines the performance: the floor heating solid wood floor is made of the whole piece of raw wood, there is no glue such as glue; and the laminate floor and the solid wood composite floor have layered structure, and need to be glued with adhesive.

The adhesives used in composite flooring mainly include urea-formaldehyde glue, phenolic glue, and tri-polyamide glue, all of which contain free formaldehyde, which is generally sustained for 3 to 15 years. Even if it meets environmental protection requirements in a normal temperature environment, once it is heated in a floor heating environment, it is easy to produce formaldehyde. If the user chooses a poor quality composite floor, or if the total amount of aldehyde-based household products used in the floor heating environment is too high (the formaldehyde release has a superposition effect), it will bring health hazards to the home.

Therefore, in the case that China has not yet issued a special standard for the environmental protection requirements of floor heating environment floors, consumers are not safe for the purchased composite floor when used in the floor heating environment, and lack the basis for self-detection and rights protection. It is a wise choice to buy floor heating solid wood flooring that is safe, healthy, and stable and comfortable.

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Second, thermal conductivity comparison

In the floor heating environment, thermal energy is transmitted through the following paths and means in the floor heating equipment, the floor heating floor and the indoor: the floor heating transmits the heat energy to the floor in a conductive manner, and the floor transmits the heat energy to the room in a radiation manner to the user. Bring warmth. Therefore, as an intermediate link and medium for heat transfer, the heat transfer efficiency of the floor heating floor will largely determine the use effect of the floor heating.

Third, durability comparison

In the normal environment, laminate flooring and multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, three-layer solid wood composite flooring and another composite flooring also have better stability and durability as well as the warm solid wood flooring. In fact, it is easy to encounter a humid environment. Produce irreversible deformation problems. In an environment with extremely high system requirements such as floor heating, due to the internal composite structure, it is more likely to cause problems such as deformation and maintenance.

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