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SPC flooring-creating a natural home atmosphere

Apr. 09, 2024


Home decoration is not only about living comfortably, but also about creating a space that is fulfilling, relaxing, warm, and natural. As an important home element, the atmosphere brought by the touch, texture, and color of flooring cannot be ignored. In this regard,premium spc flooring has been recognized by many consumers because it can bring texture and naturalness to home spaces. This article will explore how SPC flooring can create a natural home atmosphere.

1、 SPC flooring matching and home style selection

Bright and spacious space

A brighter space requires choosing a shallower SPC floor to increase the feeling of space and lighting. Choosing high quality spc flooring can satisfy the beauty and good waterproofing of the home.

SPC flooring-creating a natural home atmosphere

Natural and comfortable space

For a natural and comfortable home style, you can choose the woodlook SPC flooring to feel the natural wood. It can make people feel fully comfortable as if they are immersed in nature.

SPC flooring-creating a natural home atmosphere

2、 Installation and maintenance of SPC flooring


Before installing SPC flooring, attention should be paid to the treatment of the ground and the arrangement of the cushion layer. The flatness and moisture resistance of the ground should be checked. The dust and impurities on the ground can affect the effectiveness of the laying. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the ground to ensure dryness.

SPC flooring-creating a natural home atmosphere


The surface of spc flooring is generally coated with polyurethane protective film, which is easy to clean. Just use a cloth or mop to clean, and there is no need for additional waxing care.