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What are the Advantages of Resilient Floor?

Jul. 03, 2019


Resilient Floor is a very common floor decoration material. It is widely used in our life, and it has the characteristics of elasticity and long service life. In addition, it has many advantages. So what are the advantages of resilient floor?

Resilient Floor

Resilient Floor

First, super strong anti-slip

The wear layer on the surface of the resilient floor has a special anti-slip property, and the foot feels more sloppy and less slippery when it is stuck. Therefore, it is a floor decoration material in public places where public safety requirements are high, such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools.

Second, safe, and environmental.

The main raw material of the resilient floor is polyvinyl chloride. It is an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It is often used in people's daily life, such as tableware and medical infusion tube bags. The environmental protection is not worrying.

Third, a wide variety of colors.

Resilient floor has a wide variety of colors, such as carpet, stone and wood flooring, and it can even be customized. The lines are realistic and beautiful, combined with colorful materials and decorative strips, which can be combined to create a beautiful decorative effect.

Fourth, the texture is ultra-light and ultra-thin.

The resilient floor is only 2-3mm thick, and the weight per square meter is only 2-3KG, which is less than 10% of the ordinary floor material. In the high-rise buildings, there is an unparalleled advantage for building weight and space savings.

Five, super wear-resistant.

The surface of the resilient floor has a special high-tech processed transparent wear layer with a wear resistance of up to 300,000 rpm. Therefore, in hospitals with large traffic, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, transportation and other places, resilient floor is getting more and more popular.

Six, super strong impact resistance.

The resilient floor has a soft texture and is very elastic. It has good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects. The texture of the coiled floor is soft and elastic. The comfort of the foot is called soft gold.

These are the advantages of resilient floor for you by Resilient Floor Manufacturer. If you want to know more about the floor, please continue to follow us.