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How To Lay The Wooden Floor?

May. 29, 2019


Here is Bedchamber Spc Vinyl Flooring manufacturer talking about How To Lay The Wooden Floor.

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The ground keel is the material used to support the shape and structure. There are usually ceiling keels and wooden floor keels.

When laying the floor, the keel is the skeleton and the substrate, which is very common in home use.

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Why is there a feeling of the keel?

The feeling of the wooden floor refers to the elasticity of the wood.

The plate is suspended to show the elasticity, so if you want the wooden floor to feel good, you must play the keel.

If the floor is laid directly on the floor, it is difficult to feel the elasticity of the wooden floor.

However, some floors now have a layer of foam underneath for flexibility. But if your home is underfloor heating, foam insulation works well and may affect heating.