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Introduce the production steps of SPC vinyl floor

Sep. 07, 2020


  SPC floor is a new type of environmental protection composite material products. It mainly consists of five parts: Ceramic matt UV coating-Wear layer-Film layer-Rigid core-Attached underlaymen. This structure make the SPC floor have a lot of advantages and people can live more comfortably.

   How does a SPC floor go from "zero" to finished?

   Each SPC floor goes through Mixing→Extrusion→UV coating→Cutting→Slotting→Package→Delivery→Install. 


   SPC Materials are mainly about Resin, Calcium Powder, Calcium Zine stabilizer, Lubricant and Polyethlene. Mixing materials both at high temperature and at high speed, then mixing them at low ones.


   Then the mixture is heated and extruded into a forming plate.

   3.UV Coating 

   UC coating is very important, it decide the final color looking. Here shows GOLD LION SPC floor UV coating technology.


1Settle plank

2Remove dustduster

3UV lamp irradiationDouble lamp UV machineTwo strong light
300Improve adhesion
4Roller Coating PVC hard bottomSingle roll coaterPVC101-215-20g/m2

5UV semi-curedDouble lamp UV machineOne low light
50Ensure interlayer adhesion
6Roller coating PVC MatteSingle roll coaterPVC102-315-20g/m2

7UV CuringThree lamps UV machineThree strong light

   Note: The above data is for reference only. The specific parameters are subject to actual production. The UV curing energy needs to ensure good adhesion between the paint film layers, complete curing of the topcoat, and mass production after the small panels are qualified.


   Accurately cut to the size required by customers.


   Unilin Click for easy installing, No glue is needed.


   Carton packing(OEM).