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Floor Heating Is Good For Tile Or Is The Floor Good? 2

Apr. 10, 2019


Here is High Quality Spc Vinyl Flooring manufacturer talking about Floor heating is good for tile or is the floor good.

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High Abrasion Spc Vinyl Flooring

Fourth, comfort

Tiles: The texture of the tiles is hard and the feet are not as good as the solid wood flooring. When the floor heating is closed, the feeling is often cold and hard. In addition, the heating and cooling of the tiles are relatively fast, which makes the temperature of the room change drastically when the floor heating starts and stops. The elderly, children or people with relatively poor physical condition will feel uncomfortable and even catch a cold.


Floor: The wooden floor feels soft. When heating, the air heating curve is more gentle, and the whole room is heated evenly. Similarly, when the floor heating is turned off, the temperature is slowed down and close to the natural temperature change.


Five, waterproof and stain resistant

Tiles: Tiles are waterproof and stain-resistant. This is well known. FUN sisters don't have to say much, but the tiles will be a little slippery when they are stained with water. This is not good for the elderly and children at home, so water stains and stains need to be disposed of in time. In addition, when the tile is used for a long time, it will lose its luster. Usually, it needs to be waxed regularly to keep it clean and bright, and at the same time fill the small pores of the brick surface, so that the tile is not easy to be stained.

Floor: The wood has good anti-slip property. It is easy to cause deformation and drumming when it is wet. It is necessary to pay attention to waterproofing, especially solid wood flooring. In fact, as long as you pay attention, there is usually no big problem.


Six, wear resistant

Tiles: Tiles have good wear resistance, which is not easy to deform and easy to clean.

Flooring: The most feared of wooden flooring is scratching. Whether it is high-grade or low-grade, the wear resistance of wooden flooring is objective.


Seven, late maintenance

Tiles: Tiles are paved with cement. Once there is a problem with the water pipes below, it is very troublesome to repair. It is necessary to knock the tiles off to handle them. Therefore, the tile must ensure the quality of the geothermal pipe.

Floor: Once there is a problem with the water pipe, the maintenance is convenient, just disconnect the floor. Obviously, this floor is even better.


Comparing these seven points, the following conclusions can be drawn:

The wooden flooring is beautiful and beautiful, with good grades, good temperature performance, more comfortable body and reusable. As long as you pay attention to the details of work, daily attention will not be a big problem, and the maintenance of the floor heating is convenient.

The tile is waterproof and wear resistant, and the temperature rises and falls quickly. The price of artificial, fragile and other factors is not much different from that of wooden floors. It is not reusable, and it is more troublesome to maintain in the later stage.

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