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The Main Features Of Wood-plastic Composites

Oct. 15, 2019


Find here details of SPC Flooring on our website. Today we would like to talk about the main features of wood-plastic composites.

The main features of wood-plastic composites are as follows:

SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring

a. good social economy and sustainable development, especially suitable for China's national policy of “protecting forests”;

b, durable, long life, similar to wood appearance, higher hardness than plastic;

c. It has excellent physical properties, better dimensional stability than wood, no cracks, warpage, no wood thrift, twill, adding coloring agent, laminating or compounding surface to make various colorful products;

d. As a SPC Vinyl Flooring EVA Supplier, we know that it has the processability of thermoplastics and is easy to form. It can be processed by ordinary plastic processing equipment or after a little modification. Processing equipment has low investment capital and is easy to promote and apply;

e. Has secondary processing properties similar to wood, can be cut, bonded, nailed or bolted to fix;

f. Conducive to decoration, decoration, can be painted and beautified, product specifications and shapes can be adjusted according to user requirements, flexibility;

g. Not afraid of insects, aging, corrosion resistance, low water absorption, no moisture deformation; h, can be reused and recycled, biodegradable, environmental protection;

h. Conducive to environmental protection, waste wood chips, crop fibers and waste plastics can be used as materials;

i. Rich in resources, low cost, low cost of use. At present, the shortcomings and disadvantages of wood-plastic composite materials are: the toughness is lower than that of the parent plastic, and the processing equipment and downstream equipment need to be adjusted and modified accordingly. We believe that through the joint efforts of science and technology personnel from all over the world, the shortcomings will be improved in the short term.

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