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Which Kind Of Wood Is Good For Solid Wood Flooring?

May. 15, 2019


Here is Bedchamber Spc Vinyl Floor Manufacturer talking about Which Kind Of Wood Is Good For Solid Wood Flooring. 

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1. Schneider zelkova wood quality

The solid wood floor of this material is relatively hard, and it has a unique texture, and the appearance is very beautiful. In general, there are few defects in the wood material. The rafts in other woods are basically not. The eucalyptus floors made by some floor manufacturers can be unpainted, so let it stay. The original wood color and wood grain are very beautiful and beautiful.

2. Cherry wood quality

The color of cherry wood is very uniform, and the texture is straight. The decoration is very beautiful and high-grade in the living room. Its defect is that the essence of the wood color is too deep and red, which leads to it can only be decorated in some Chinese styles. Used at home.

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3. Ganba bean material

The material of this kind of material is more common, which leads to the uneven quality of the material. Therefore, we must pay attention to the purchase when it is purchased. It has no special requirements in construction and manufacturing, but it must be One point to consider is the nature of the wood itself. At this point, a crystal floor paint or a semi-matte floor paint can be used on the floor paint.