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Where Is The Fire At Notre Dame De Paris?

Apr. 17, 2019


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The French Minister of Culture said on the 16th that the art of Notre Dame will be transferred to the Louvre.

Founded in 1145, the Notre Dame Cathedral was once severely damaged. After 26 years of reconstruction, it reappears its original appearance. It is the pinnacle of French Gothic architecture and a classic masterpiece in the history of architecture. The church is undergoing repair work during the fire.

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It is reported that the altar and the cross of Notre Dame have survived in the fire, and some precious cultural relics including the crown of thorns have been saved.

Of course, as a witness across the century, it has also undergone many repairs. In the 19th century, the Notre Dame experienced major restoration projects and the overall architectural style was not uniform. But based on the historical significance and cultural values, it is still one of the most popular attractions in Paris, with around 13 million visitors a year.

“For the French people, Notre Dame represents history, literature, and imagination.” At the scene of the fire, Mark Long vowed to rebuild Notre Dame.

So, after the fire, how long does it take for Notre Dame to be repaired? Eric Fisher, director of the Notre Dame Cultural Relics Foundation, said that the damage caused by the fire is huge, and it will take decades to rebuild the Notre Dame. Almost all of the main body of the building needs to be repaired, covering stone, wooden trusses, metal, and technical facilities.

Although Fisher is optimistic about the restoration work, everyone knows that the Notre Dame will stand up again, but the regrets left by the fire will never be smoothed out.

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