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SPC Vinyl Flooring Construction

Jan. 23, 2019


Here is Environmental Friendly Spc Vinyl Floor Supplier talking about Spc Vinyl Floor. 

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1. Wear Layer: The use layer is the top coating on the vinyl flooring that is transparent. This adds scratch and stain resistance to the vinyl plank.

2. Vinyl Top Coat: Each SPC vinyl flooring is going to have a thin coating of vinyl attached to it. This layer is waterproof and will include the pattern, texture, and appearance of the ground.

3. SPC Core: The SPC core is made by combining limestone powder and stabilizers to make a dimensionally stable and watertight core.

4. Attached Underlayment: SPC vinyl floors may or may not come with attached underlayment. These are generally included to aid with sound reduction and add softness to the floor.

At the same time,  Kitchen Spc Vinyl Flooring Cork can be offered for you.  Looking forward to receiving your inquiry.

Environmental Friendly Spc Vinyl Floor Supplier